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Webinar: Microsoft Teams Meeting Management and Apps

ZAACT Consulting, a Utah based Microsoft consulting company, has teamed up with Microsoft expert Elissa Smith to provide you with an opportunity to understand and learn how to operate virtual meetings tools inside of Microsoft Teams and how those tools integrate with Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, we will also look at how to further increase your productivity in the Microsoft Teams platform by bringing in applications like Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Forms to your experience.. Throughout this virtual learning experience the following topics will be covered:

Part 1: Creating Productive Scheduled & Unscheduled Virtual Meetings in Microsoft Teams

  • Understand where to go to view and create scheduled virtual meetings in Microsoft Teams and find opportunities for unscheduled meetings.
  • Effectively navigate your Teams calendar and view events in Outlook
  • Create Teams meetings and view them in Outlook
  • Find ways to meet for impromptu meetings in Teams

Part 2: Productive Virtual Meetings

  • Control lobby and presenter settings in your virtual meetings
  • Add meeting notes
  • Record you meeting and post to your Teams channel
  • Forward meeting details to a co-worker

Part 3: Increase Productivity with Apps like Microsoft Planner

  • Add Microsoft Planner for task management to a channel of your Team
  • Filter, group, and view your tasks in Planner’s views
  • View your Plan outside of Teams

Part 4: Adding other Apps like Microsoft Forms

  • Add a Microsoft Form to a tab in a Team’s Channel
  • Create new content and edit your Forms
  • Other options for adding Apps to Teams


If you have any immediate questions on Teams, click HERE for a free consultation. Thank you so much for your interest in this event and we hope to see you there!

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