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Maybe you think of Microsoft as something only adults use on the computer – or possibly your kids who have a report do at school. But Microsoft has the capability to make your entire family life easier with one of its most popular products: OneNote.

With OneNote, you’re on the same page

With families’ disparate schedules these days, it’s hard to know who’s doing what, when, with whom and how. Not with OneNote. It’s like an online binder that any family member can access anytime, on any device. And its applications are as varied as your family members themselves!

To-do lists

Do you need a to-do list where everyone knows their part … but also what’s already been done? That’s where OneNote comes in handy. Tasks can be checked off by the family members who complete them, while others can see what still has to be done before the day has ended.

Doctor’s appointments

With OneNote, you can tell who needs to go to the doctor, when, who’s taking them and what prescriptions they may need to pick up afterward. Need to make changes on the fly? With OneNote, you can do that, too!

Home maintenance

“Honey, did you call the plumber?” “Dear, when do we need to have the gutters cleaned again?” With a OneNote calendar for all these items, home maintenance can be divided between you and your spouse or partner in a snap!


Who can agree on what the family wants for dinner? Certainly not the family! OneNote allows everyone to have a say in the weekly planning of their favorite meals. No more mom complaining, “Hey! I am not running a restaurant here!”


Taking vacations together is one of the most fun and exciting parts of being a family. With OneNote, you can plan your itinerary, destination and activities without constantly referring back to mountains of guidebooks!