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At Microsoft’s 2018 annual Ignite event, the company made a rather shocking announcement: It’s considering leading the way for changes that will make desktop computing obsolete.

What the CEO had to say

In his keynote speech, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella began by saying that computing had been moving away from desktops for a long time. From clouds to tablets to mobile phones, computers go wherever people do.

He asked the audience to change the way they looked at computers altogether, seeing them as machines that “can collect and act on data to improve the world around us.” According to Nadella, a mobile-first, cloud-first world is here – and Microsoft plans to rise to the occasion.

Why the change?

Much of this change was precipitated by Microsoft’s calculations that around 80 percent of the workforce has jobs that aren’t desk-bound. These “frontline workers,” as Microsoft referred to them, are the ones the company is looking to woo as their universal computing provider. To work toward this goal, several of Microsoft’s initiatives include:

• Creating new schedule management tools
• Developing more secure messaging
• Securing AI and Mixed Reality Business Applications

Microsoft said they’re not abandoning desktops anytime soon, just that they’re preparing for the day when it seems inevitable. How do YOU feel about Microsoft’s possible moving on from desktop computing?