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The alarm goes off. You groan and hit the snooze button. But five minutes later, it’s blaring AGAIN. What’s with this having to get up every morning? Isn’t there a way you can just stay in bed?

There may be.

Win the lottery

Winning the lottery is a great way to never get out of bed. If you don’t need money for pesky things like food, toothpaste and a roof over your head, you could lounge about all day! Imagine being able to take the alarm clock and throw it against the wall.

Hire help

If you do win the lottery, staying in bed is a lot easier if you have someone around to do your household chores and run your errands. So hire a maid, cook, butler, chauffeur and any other servants you may need to make sleeping through the day that much easier.

Migrate your company to the cloud

If your company’s not using the cloud yet, you’re way behind the times. It’s also very likely you’re doing a lot more work than you have to. Cloud-based services let you communicate faster, scale higher and accelerate product development. Think of all the time you could save with the cloud … time that could be spent under a warm comforter.

It may not be quite as good as never having to get out of bed, but it’s the closest thing to it.