Tech Tips

ZAACT announces partnership with Hyperfish to deliver optimized Microsoft Solutions

As the first partner in the Four Corners region, ZAACT offers licensing, consultation, implementation and customization services of Hyperfish. ZAACT’s team of Microsoft specialists have partnered with Hyperfish, to bring the latest technology to their customers to overcome the problem of missing profile information. Hyperfish offer a software solution that uses AI and Bot technology … read more

How ZAACT Automates Business Processes Like A Boss

Microsoft Azure Functions (AF) have already proven themselves infinitely useful in the world of Office 365. Personally, I have found the HTTP triggered AF’s to be particularly handy for a couple reasons. For example, by registering an HTTP triggered AF in Azure AD, you can achieve the cloud equivalent of a service account with elevated privileges. The perks don’t stop there.  Have you ever … read more

Microsoft Teams vs Slack

In November 2016 Microsoft unveiled Teams, a chat-based work space that works seamlessly with their enterprise products, to compete with Slack, a communications application designed to be the center of all your business software. Below we’ll compare various aspects of these powerful tools to enable you to choose the best solution for your organization. Audiences … read more

Innovate with Microsoft 365 and Azure

As a Gold Partner in Cloud Productivity, we at ZAACT value the strategy Microsoft is taking with Office 365 and Azure.  We currently have several individuals attending Ignite in Orlando working to have a better understanding of Microsoft’s strategy, so we can lead efficient client implementations.”We’ve recently come across is a blog post by Ron … read more

Do you know your Office 365 Secure Score?

Many Office 365 customers are surprised to know that they haven’t taken the necessary steps to secure their data against attacks and breach. To help customers strengthen their security, Microsoft  introduced Secure Score to identify risks along with the actions you can take to protect your organization. One study found that the average score of … read more

ZAACT adds Jeff Johnson as new CEO to growing firm

Former Intermountain Healthcare technology executive, Jeff Johnson, is joining ZAACT founder and President, Ryan Day and his executive team, in the role of CEO. ZAACT is a Microsoft Gold Partner that assists clients in optimizing value from their Microsoft platforms and products, including building customized intranets. Jeff comes on board to help meet the growing … read more

Using Power BI to supercharge your Project Management

Brad Wilcox is a Senior Consultant for ZAACT and a Microsoft Gold Partner. Brad specializes in Microsoft SharePoint and Business Intelligence; he holds several certifications within SharePoint, and is an MCSE in Business Intelligence. In this webinar Brad speaks about how to use Power BI to connect data sources such as Project Server, SharePoint, and … read more