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Prestige Financial

Auto Loans, Auto Dealer

Services: SharePoint Office 365 Design Custom Development

Prestige Financial


A Larry H. Miller company, Prestige Financial is an automobile lender for over 10,000 dealerships nationwide. As one of the nation’s fastest growing and most successful automobile finance companies, they employ over 250 associates and manage risk assets in the excess of 400 million dollars. Their quick and substantial growth made investing in an organizational system urgent.


Substantial growth accelerates the need for an infrastructure with greater capacity to organize the increased number of users. With a larger number of employees, Prestige needed superior communication between office locations and off-site personnel. They wanted to streamline daily work processes to facilitate better customer service and faster access to information.


Rebranding started with an innovative intranet called Driveline. It eliminated the need for multiply systems in favor of team sites and simplified workflows. Everything from the name, color scheme, to the business intelligence, social feeds and search features was created with user experience in mind. It simplifies collaboration between employees, engineers, designers, and managers.

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