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Services Provided by Your Microsoft Consulting Partners

It’s easy to identify problems with your current workflow or intranet system, but not as clear to figure out what needs to change. That’s where we come in. ZAACT offers a variety of Microsoft services designed to evaluate and improve any aspect of your daily flow. Check out our services below and contact us today to learn more!

A Microsoft consultant working on their computer.A Microsoft consultant working on their computer.

Services We Offer


Our expertise in user experience and user interface helps us deliver a solution that fixes the problem and is also intuitive to use. ZAACT’s team makes sure the actual purpose of the interface is being brought to life in a way that allows for efficiency and simplicity.

Custom Dev

Our custom development process ranges from custom homepages to building out your business processes. Plugins, tools, and charts are just a few examples of the ways we can make your software fit an exact need. Every element is designed to match your existing site and make system integration a breeze. 

Custom Design

Tired of out-of-the-box templates that lack personality? Our team of graphic designers is here to design an application or intranet just for you. Our customization process dives into your company’s processes and goals, ensuring every design aspect supports daily needs.

Microsoft Consulting Partners

Our Step-by-Step Process Makes Managing Your Projects Easy


We like to start every project with a system evaluation phase. Assessing a company’s online workflow can help us identify areas in need and help prepare teams for a change. An on-premise environmental evaluation is done to assess the hosted environment and meet team needs. This gives our Microsoft consultants a great starting point to develop your custom solutions. 

Project Management

Each client is assigned a project manager and technical engineer to make sure all systems are running smoothly as we make changes. Afterward, your employees will always have a contact that can address concerns as they come up.

Technical Staffing

In addition to having expert team members assigned to each project, we also help place technical staff into the companies we work with. For example, need a SharePoint developer? Our team can help! 

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