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In 2022, ZAACT is a consultancy firm specializing in the Microsoft stack, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and has over eighty years of collective experience under its belt. Since 2010, it has provided technology solutions to companies across the US. What started as a local consulting firm, situated at the base of Utah’s blue Silicon Slopes, is now an established technology solutions provider, connecting with SMBs to build custom solutions for its clients.  


From Intranet to Internet  

Before its expansion into the Microsoft ecosystem, Ryan Day, founder of ZAACT, started out as an intranet provider. In the 90s, intranets were introduced into organizations as internal web pages, with links and resources that would improve business operations. Intranets then evolved, incorporating applications for document sharing and messaging, to enable better collaboration between teams.  


These can be seen as early collaboration tools, a market which Microsoft now dominates thanks to products like Teams and OneDrive. Modern intranets are mobile-first and fit Microsoft’s framework. They provide solutions focused on employee engagement and HR lift, as well as improved functionality that optimizes workflows. Today, ZAACT specializes in intranets and internet portals using the Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint intranet, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Azure.  


The SharePoint effect 

From 2006 onwards, SharePoint was “the thing”, taking the market by storm as a corporate document management system. ZAACT spotted this trend and ran with it, providing custom solutions to businesses, and building its reputation as a major player in the SharePoint development market.  


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SharePoint’s reign over the document management systems market has been extensive, lasting at least a decade—and some would argue it still continues to this day. Its tenure has been transformative, starting out as a standalone product in the market and finishing as a facet of the cloud suit. In its earliest iterations, SharePoint experienced a lot of hype and was adopted at scale by organizations worldwide. In this time, ZAACT focused on the healthcare industry, implementing SharePoint intranet business solutions to help healthcare, biotech, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industries stay focused on patient care. 


The introduction of cloud-based solutions has pushed SharePoint into the shadow of other products, to some extent. This is due to increased competition, as well as the customer expectation for collaboration tools which are mobile-first and support remote work. Since 2014, SharePoint has been integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem – now existing as a web-based collaborative platform. ZAACT has adapted with it, shifting its focus from SharePoint to the wider Microsoft stack.  


Our evolution at ZAACT 

In just over ten years, ZAACT has evolved from an intranet and SharePoint provider to a comprehensive Microsoft solutions consultancy. This transition reflects changes in the wider industry, with Microsoft’s diverse cloud solutions taking center stage, and SharePoint playing a subsidiary role. Organizations today are focused on Microsoft 365, including Teams, Azure, SharePoint, and Microsoft BPM – and, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, ZAACT has evolved to specialize in all four. 


The Microsoft SaaS landscape is fast-changing and, in 2022, ZAACT is ready to move with it. We are constantly evolving, ensuring that we provide our customers with the most powerful Microsoft solutions. Digital technology is our specialization, and we have a team of experts ready to take on our customers’ challenges. We approach each challenge holistically, investigating the nuances of our client’s operations while also looking at the broader picture. This allows us to provide the best possible solution.  


We love helping our customers find solutions. Get in touch today and solve your Microsoft challenges.  


New partners, new markets 

In 2022, we continue to grow and branch into new markets across the United States. In just ten years, we have: 


  • Grown from a small corner-state firm into a far-reaching business  
  • Shifted from one solution (SharePoint intranet) to a portfolio of products.  
  • Focused our solutions on multiple markets such as: 


  • Financial services
  • Public sector
  • Higher education
  • Construction


In 2022, we hope to grow further, honing our expertise in the Microsoft market and providing our customers with long-lasting solutions.  


Over the last ten years, we’ve also grown our partners. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are backed by Microsoft’s ultimate seal of approval. We specialize in four areas of the Microsoft ecosystem: Office 365, Azure, SharePoint and Microsoft BPM. We are also partnered with Nintex, a company providing automated solutions, and ShareGate, also specializing in SharePoint and Microsoft 365. In 2022 and beyond, we hope to expand and diversify, making new partnerships to set ZAACT up for future success. Our journey is just beginning.  


Learn how to use SharePoint intranet and the other Microsoft products with ZAACT.  


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