Microsoft Consulting for Professional Services

SharePoint Solutions for Professionals


As a licensed professional, we know you have a lot to manage. With client bookings, contracts, and business development all on the docket, you need a powerful tool to keep your information, and your team, totally connected.


That’s where a SharePoint Intranet comes in! Microsoft’s SharePoint Intranet technology is the best way to link your business documents, information and teams together all in one place.

An intranet functions a lot like the internet – it’s a series of sites that are designed to fulfill a purpose. With an intranet, however, the net is contained within your business (intra), rather than between different organizations (inter).


An intranet allows your employees to create websites to do things like share files, communicate news, track projects, or discuss ideas.


Office 365 for Professionals


Office 365 is Microsoft’s flagship product. It connects all of your favorite Microsoft software in one cloud-based network, empowering your team to collaborate and communicate on a scale and at a depth that was previously impossible. 


It even links with Microsoft Teams, you can have real-time video chats as you’re collaborating on a document.


Azure for Professionals


Microsoft Azure brings even more power to your business. A cloud enables your team to work from anywhere – home, coffeeshops, airports, you name it. This means more productivity, more clients, and a better bottom line.


Azure comes standard with some of the most effective cyber security ever made, so you can have peace of mind that your sensitive information is protected, whether you’re at a worksite or in your pajamas.


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Setting up any kind of enterprise-level technology can be quite the task. Ensuring the effectiveness and security of the system means diverting resources and time to the project.

ZAACT can help ease this by offering our unparalleled experience, knowledge, and service to your business. For a free consultation, contact us!

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