Microsoft Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the backbone of any productive economy. It’s not easy. But with the right software, you can improve your efficiency and add to your bottom line. Adding a SharePoint Intranet, Azure Cloud, or Office 365 to your operation can significantly boost your productivity. And with ZAACT, it’s as easy as reaching out for a free consultation!


SharePoint Intranet for Manufacturing

There are a lot of moving parts in manufacturing, both on your assembly lines and in your offices. SharePoint is a system of customizable websites that enable your team to communicate, collaborate, and share ideas.

SharePoint connects every team and department so that nothing falls through the cracks. No more late orders because you ran out of parts. No more worrying that your sales department forgot to submit an order. SharePoint gives efficiency and transparency a whole new meaning, and ZAACT is here to help you set it up.


Office 365 for Manufacturing


Office 365 is your personal cloud-based office. With every Microsoft software available at your fingertips wherever you are, Office empowers better ideas, more efficient workflow, and more timely fulfilment.

Streamlining collaboration and facilitating an access-anywhere file system reduces the amount of overhead spent on outdated processes and increases your net income. It’s that simple.


Azure Cloud Technology for Manufacturing


Microsoft’s Azure technology is a groundbreaking innovation that serves to modernize your business. With top-of-the-line security and lightning fast connections, your team will be able to do more, better.

A cloud stores all of your information in a secure off-premises server. Beyond that, you can run and update client-facing apps without having to store that data in your own facilities. Supercharge your order fulfillment and production logistics with ZAACT’s industry-leading Azure cloud solutions!


Get a Free Consultation


Migrating to a new software can be time-consuming, and requires careful planning and expertise. That’s exactly what you get when you work with ZAACT. Give us a shout for a free consultation on any tech problem you might have.

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