Dynamic Healthcare - Integrated Solutions

Healthcare firms have unique needs when it comes to the functionality and security of their software. ZAACT prides itself on giving your healthcare firm the software it needs while minimizing the impact on ongoing processes and resource allocation.


ZAACT offers free consultations for any firm that needs a software problem solved – whether it’s an Azure cloud solution, an Office 365 integration, or a full SharePoint Intranet migration. Get your free consultation today, and see why Microsoft has chosen us as a Certified Gold Partner!


SharePoint Intranets for Healthcare Businesses


Healthcare businesses have an important decision to make when it comes to managing their internal documents and information. A Microsoft SharePoint Intranet is the right decision.


Fully HIPAA-compliant, a SharePoint Intranet is a great way to modernize the electronic infrastructure of your business and bring even better service to your clients, all while benefiting your bottom line. Collaborate on projects, read company news, and store information all from one platform with a SharePoint Intranet.


Azure Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Businesses


Azure is an HIPAA-compliant cloud system that can be integrated into any existing business. With an Azure cloud, you can have full freedom with file sharing, hosting websites, hosting applications, and storing sensitive information. It uses top-of-the-line security and lightning fast connection speeds to give your employees and clients a totally revamped experience.


Using an Azure cloud is a surefire way to bring your firm to the next level while maintaining the security and protection you need.


Empower Patient Care with Teams and O365


Microsoft 365 healthcare solutions extend beyond proven software like Excel, Outlook and Word. Today’s changing landscape creates new challenges for delivering quality care and timely communication. ZAACT is well versed in meeting and exceeding healthcare industry needs with practical, scalable technology solutions.


Check and secure patient data with a HIPPA/HITECH assessment and ensure your business processes include updated compliance. Empowered patient care with Microsoft Teams includes conducting virtual office visits with the new Bookings app where patients and practitioners can schedule, manage, and conduct virtual visits for initial consultations and surgical follow up. The O365 software seamlessly integrates workflows including calendar availability, meeting links and API access to electronic healthcare records. Critical communications can be organized based on your shift scheduling with channel attributes such as a role, skill, or location. 


Are you ready to see ordered orderlies and charge nurses taking charge? With a simple click, send vital information where and when it’s needed most.






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