Microsoft Consulting Financial Services

Microsoft has created software that increases efficiency and productivity across the board, while simultaneously bolstering security and encryption. With Microsoft’s cloud-based office software, you can say goodbye to filing cabinets, clunky programs, and wasted money. Modernize your money-makers with ZAACT, and get a free consultation today!


SharePoint Intranets for Financial Firms


An intranet is like having a private internet just for your business. Your team can custom-create sites that allow them to share information, ideas, and collaborate on projects. This easily searchable infrastructure prevents details from falling through the cracks, which makes your clients happier and your bottom line healthier.

ZAACT can work closely with your team to build and intranet from the ground up to your exact specifications.


Office 365 for Financial Firms


The Almighty Excel Spreadsheet – the workhorse of the financial services industry and a ubiquitous sight in any serious PFA or IB office. Also, a Microsoft invention.

Now, there’s a place for all of your spreadsheets, slide decks, and text documents to be stored together. A place where your team can collaborate on spreadsheets, impart information to Powerpoint presentations, and create the accompanying Word handout, all without switching applications.

That place is Office 365, and ZAACT can set it up to your exact needs and desires.


Azure Cloud Solutions for Financial Firms

Financial firms are always some of the first businesses to adapt to changing trends – after all, they have to adapt to continue making their clients money.

One of the biggest trends in the modern era is the transition from bulky and expensive on-premises server rooms to more cost-effective, more secure, and faster cloud solutions.

Azure by Microsoft is one of the biggest players in this arena. Azure enables your firm to host client portals, store sensitive information, run market simulations, and sort and distribute documents internally and externally, all under the protection of one of the most sophisticated security systems ever made.


Get A Free Microsoft Consultation


If new software is so good, then why do so many businesses stick with their outdated systems? The answer to that is something we all understand – money.

Migrating your processes over to a new program requires time, attention, and effort. Every finance professional knows that utilizing those three intangible assets translates to a very real impact on your bottom line through additional labor costs.


That impact, however, can be reduced by tapping a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner like ZAACT to do the work for you.


Get a taste of our exceptional attention to detail and customer service by getting a free consultation on your Microsoft needs!

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