Microsoft Consulting Partner for Distribution and Wholesale

Consumer retailers, automotive franchises, wholesalers, and anyone who moves a product from one place to another. Distribution companies are the connectors, the people who make it possible to go to the store just down the street, and buy a product made on the other side of the world.


With almost $20 trillion worth of goods bought and sold each year in America alone, it’s no surprise that distribution companies need the right software to maintain a competitive edge.


SharePoint Intranets for Distribution Firms


As a distribution company, you handle a lot of material goods. And because every product must be tracked and accounted for, you also handle a lot of data. This is where a SharePoint Intranet comes into play.

A SharePoint Intranet connects all of your internal documents in one easily searchable infrastructure, sort of like a private internet. You can collaborate on documents, communicate with team members, and issue company news and information in real time. ZAACT can help you design and customize your intranet from the ground up so it fits your exact specifications.


Office 365 for Distribution Firms


Office 365 is a tremendously powerful tool for any modern business. Chances are pretty good that, as a wholesaler or retailer, you already use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on a regular basis. Office 365 collects all of these tools into one place, and then wraps them in a clean interface and juices them up with cloud capabilities. It even integrates with Microsoft Teams for face-to-face remote communication!

Your team will soon be able to communicate and collaborate on documents like never before. ZAACT can show you the way.


Azure Cloud for Distribution Firms


The days of dusty server rooms are over. Now, you can host your applications, websites, and sensitive information on a cloud-based server, which eliminates the need for a costly on-premise facility.

Microsoft Azure is the number one choice for cloud computing, and for good reason. With its lightning fast connection speeds and unparalleled security, Azure can improve your operational efficiency while cutting costs and bolstering security.


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