A team using SharePoint intranet solutions.A team using SharePoint intranet solutions.A team using SharePoint intranet solutions.A team using SharePoint intranet solutions.

Introducing Microsoft Intranet Solutions

ZAACT’s custom intranets are our way of helping your business succeed. We want to provide you with customizable business tools to meet your needs, such as Microsoft intranet solutions. Our suite of tools gives you the opportunity to choose exactly what solutions you need to increase productivity. This includes:


  • Custom intranets that fit Microsoft’s framework and expectation yet scale for all businesses.
  • Solutions focused on employee engagement and HR lift.
  • Improved functionality that optimizes workflow.


Our team of experts is here to develop and implement intranet solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more and receive a FREE consultation!

A team using Microsoft intranet solutions.

Our Custom Intranets Transform The Way You Work

At ZAACT, we are experts in cloud transformation and SharePoint collaboration. We specialize in intranets and internal portals using the Microsoft ecosystem including Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Azure.

An office utilizing custom intranets.

Utilizing SharePoint Intranet Services

Just getting started? Take a look at SharePoint’s modern experience. SharePoint’s intranet services are out of the box and easy to use. Our team can guide you down this path by helping you set system goals and educating your team on how to tap into their potential.


Looking for something more? Set up a free consultation with the ZAACT team and let us help you build a custom intranet configured for your needs. We’ll sit down and walk through what functionality you need and create a system that helps optimize your workflow.

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