Microsoft BPM Tools

Microsoft BPM Tools Provides Better Management and Results

Moving to a fully automated business process management model may feel daunting at first. That’s why our team is here to implement and educate on how to get the most out of your new Microsoft business process management system. We understand the technology and how it relates to a workplace, meaning we can strategically partner with your team to make the transition smooth.


A fully automated BPM will enable your team to:


  • Streamline manual processes
  • Create automated workflows between apps and cloud services
  • Design a digital approval process
  • Create custom forms and much more

How Microsoft Business Process Management Works

If your business is ready to streamline your BPM process, ZAACT is here to help. We can help you automate daily workflow, increase employee collaboration, and improve productivity with Microsoft BPM tools.

Process Analysis

We start by fully understanding your non-automated or partially automated system in order to determine what tools are needed to get your business fully automated. We then provide a mock business flow, explaining what your business needs to go digital.


Once a system is decided on, we start making it happen. Taking a manual process and making it automated requires adding or deleting steps. We are in-house, learning what works best for YOUR team. At ZAACT, we offer full-stack development to ensure the success of product rollout.


Time to go live.  Now that ZAACT has determined the best process and has engineered a solution, we are ready for your team to go to work. We will educate stakeholders and managers on how to utilize the system and respond to any needs or concerns.

Metrics and Reporting

We don’t expect you to just take our word that a fully automated process is best. That’s why we set up a metrics and reporting dashboard that will give you the information you need to succeed. The dashboard will allow you to set goals and see them through, or pinpoint areas that still need improvement.