Azure Consulting Partner

What is Azure?



Microsoft Azure is an expansive and evolving collection of cloud services designed to help businesses leverage technology more effectively. It enables these companies to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using their favorite tools and frameworks. Our experienced and knowledgeable Azure consultants can help you utilize Azure to take your business to the next level and help your operations run more efficiently.


Your business deserves the best.  If you’re ready to bring cloud computing to your operation, you can’t go wrong with ZAACT’s Azure consulting services.  ZAACT is a Microsoft Gold Partner in cloud integrations, which means Microsoft itself recognizes our superiority in getting your business the customizable cloud it needs.


Azure Consulting Company

Why Choose Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the leading enterprise cloud that directly integrates with your existing on-prem Microsoft Technology Stack. It provides a seamless path from a legacy technology infrastructure to a progressive, cloud-first strategy. 


In addition, it allows companies to leverage the flexibility of the cloud to build, test, and deploy systems in a cost-effective and global network. Many of our customers are choosing Azure for a variety of reasons including:


  • Simplified disaster recovery model
  • Scalable application hosting
  • Dynamic Infrastructure
  • Reducing the overhead expenses of IT maintenance and replacement
  • Leveraging Microsoft’s secured infrastructure and certifications


ZAACT is here to make your transition to Azure seamless and simple. As an Azure consulting partner, we are here to find the right solutions and implement them for your business. Speak to a consultant today to learn more!



Our Azure Services


One of our Azure Consultants will work with you to understand your current business problem. They will help you formalize a solution and strategy to implement.



Moving to Azure requires adaptations from on-prem configurations. Our team can help you navigate the setting up a greenfield Azure environment to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and a secure Azure environment.


Whether you’re looking to seamlessly migrate on-prem infrastructure to virtual infrastructure in Azure or re-engineer your systems to leverage Azure services, our team can help strategize, plan, and execute that migration.