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If you tuned into Microsoft Ignite in November, chances are you’ve heard about some of the great changes and releases that Microsoft is making available! That being said, have you taken the new version of the chromium-based Microsoft Edge for a spin yet? As a Microsoft power user, it may just replace Google Chrome’s or Internet Explorer’s very special place in your heart. Microsoft Edge doesn’t just have the same base but also creates a very similar user experience.  This browser had the benefits of being able to integrate with One Drive, additional security, and if you buy a new Microsoft OS product it will be available pre-installed on the machine. So, if you haven’t yet, download it here.


One of the things you may notice at this point though, the extension store is currently lacking many of your favorite extensions- don’t be concerned.  Microsoft has already provided a solution as part of your experience, that we will pass on to you. For those who haven’t taken advantage of extensions before, browser extensions are powerful tools that help you streamline your everyday operations. Whether they are to help you keep track of your passwords, block ads, view site data, or any number of useful tools, Microsoft Edge is ready to make your browser transition as easy as possible. It does take a little extra work initially, but that’s why we’re here! This is how you add non-Microsoft Edge extension to the browser.


Here is a 6-step guide to add browser extensions to Microsoft Edge


  1. Open Chromium Edge Brower and click the Ellipse Menu. Select Extensions.


Microsoft Edge - Add Extensions - Step 1


2. Make sure you have “Allow extensions from other stores.” toggled to “ON” in the bottom left hand corner of the page.


Microsoft Edge - Add Chrome Extensions - Step 2


3. Do a search for the extension you are in need of including the store where you have found it in the past.


Microsoft Edge - Add Chrome Extensions - Step 3


4. Select “Add to” button


Add Chrome Extensions - Step 4


5. Edge will prompt you to approve the extension, select “Add Extension”


Add Chrome Extensions - Step 5


6. Remember to log into the extension, if needed, for it to function properly.


Add Chrome Extensions - Step 6

It’s as easy as that and your one step closer to having a more perfect browser experience! If you have any other questions about Microsoft services please reach out to us HERE. Thanks for reading our ZAACT Tech Tip!

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