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October 21, 2017

One of ZAACT’s MVPs, Ryan Schouten, will be presenting two sessions at

SharePoint Saturday in Sacramento


Client Side SharePoint Development for the Newcomer

Level: 100Track: Developer
This session is for those that are familiar with SharePoint and have some coding experience. We will cover the key areas to create applications that quickly respond to the users interactions. Client Side development in SharePoint and Office 365 makes it easier for us to create these types applications quickly as well. Come and be amazed by the difference in speed that client side development can provide you.

Not sure how you should React

Level: 200
Track: Developer
Microsoft has chosen React as their framework of choice for adding functionality to SharePoint. In this session, we will discuss some reasons as to why this is the case and why you should consider using React in your projects. We will go over the basics of working with React and how to get started quickly with React whether it is in Office365 or on-premise SharePoint. We will also go through how we can easily create web parts that look and feel like out of the box SharePoint functionality by using Office UI Fabric and the React samples provided by Microsoft.

Speaker – Ryan Schouten (MCT, MVP)
Ryan Schouten Senior Software Architect | ZAACT

Ryan Schouten has been working with SharePoint since December of 2006. He has had experience with all versions of SharePoint from 2003 to 2013. Ryan is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has several certifications from Microsoft from SharePoint 2010-2013 and Office 365. Before starting on SharePoint development Ryan was an experienced ASP.Net developer specializing in server and client side interactions. This experience made transitioning to SharePoint a lot easier.

Ryan has worked with ZAACT based out of Salt Lake City, Utah for almost 5 years. Ryan loves being a developer and a speaker. Combining these two joys allows Ryan to do what he loves and sharing it with others. He loves working with SharePoint and spending time with his kids, not necessarily in that order. Ryan also loves the SharePoint Community and connecting with people.