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Providing Professional Microsoft Business Solutions To Businesses

ZAACT is a Microsoft Gold consulting partner specializing in:


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Office 365

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Microsoft BPM

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We are passionate about helping you use the tools that are already at your fingertips. Our Microsoft consulting for business solutions includes optimizing and implementing solutions that work for you. Joining the modern workplace gives you access to custom technology and tools anytime, anywhere.


Do you need a Sharepoint Intranet created for your company or do you need a custom application built on Microsoft Teams?  Zaact’s extensive experience in Sharepoint, Azure, Teams and other Microsoft products gives us the capability to create the exact custom application you need to meet your objective.


So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Specialized Solutions

Your business is most successful when you have a system that can keep up with daily needs. Outdated tools, inefficient workflows, and complex intranets can cause confusion and take away from the tasks at hand. That’s where we come in. As an experienced Microsoft systems integrator, ZAACT’s team of experts specialize in Microsoft business solutions that can help you discover, strategize, implement and support customized technology solutions.


Max it Out. Maximize your team’s efficiency by bringing people, content, and applications together through a seamlessly integrated system. Teams can work in ways unique to them while staying on track by efficiently integrating document sharing, mass editing, storage and more.

Office 365

Make it Modern. Joining the modern workplace enables your distributed workforce to come together and collaborate virtually. Office 365’s cloud-based platform gives your team the tools to optimize daily operations and create systems that users will enjoy.


Make it Easy. Microsoft Azure is the leading enterprise cloud that directly integrates with your existing on-prem Microsoft Technology Stack. It provides a seamless path from a legacy technology infrastructure to a progressive, cloud-first strategy.


Ready, Set, Streamline. Let us help your company create a better business management process. A fully automated BPM will help improve productivity, increase employee collaboration, and automate daily workflow.

What Our Clients Say About ZAACT

Associated Food Stores

“It is difficult to think of what to suggest that they could do to improve their service. It has been outstanding.


They have met every commitment that they have made to us.”


Microsoft Consulting Services client Associated food Stores

Cowboy Partners

“[ZAACT Consulting, formerly ITG] has been tremendous. They were able to come in and provide exactly the service and training necessary to allow us to be self-sufficient. They are willing to take the time needed and offer a fair price to get the job done.


The Staff is professional and service oriented. The president of the company [Ryan Day] came out, listened to our needs and provided the solution. I would highly recommend [ZAACT] to other businesses looking to implement SharePoint.”


Microsoft Consulting Services client Cowboy Partners

Utah Department of Transportation

“Our team has worked directly with the [ZAACT, formerly ITG] team on numerous projects. They offer topnotch expertise, quality, service and rates. [ZAACT] has helped us advance UDOT’s SharePoint and Project Server Developments.


They came into UDOT ready to fulfill our needs and solve our problems efficiently and effectively. We are very pleased with the work they have done here at UDOT.”


Microsoft Consulting Services client Utah Department of Transportation

Utah Department of Health

“ZAACT’s ability to help their customer understand how SharePoint can help them improve their business model through customized solutions has led to an enhanced end product, improved turnaround time, and overall cost savings for the Department.


This coupled with their outstandingly reliable and responsive customer service has made them the ideal partner.”


Microsoft Consulting Services client Utah Department of Health

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