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Organizational communication is more important than ever.  Leaders and executive spend an estimated 80% of their time communicating.  That number should come as no surprise, with the average manager spending about a quarter of their time reading and answering emails and engaging in phone calls, as well as about half their time in meetings.


With communication as important as it is, it’s interesting how ineffective firms can sometimes be with it.  A 2015 survey from Mindshare NA and Dynamic Signal indicates that 74% of the average firm’s employees feel as though they are missing out consistently on important company information such as interviews, new product releases, and organizational changes.


What’s more, there seems to be a discrepancy in willingness to share information between employees and management.  Only 37% of executives reported that they would be excited to share information about their company, compared to 59% of employees.  For every inefficiency caused by lack of communication, there is an associated dollar amount that is lost forever. The bigger the firm, and the less effective the communication system, the more drastic this expense becomes.  Like it or not, part of improving your bottom line is improving communication.


Now, there are many different methods for improving firm-wide communication.  Email trees, instant messaging platforms, and intercom systems are great, but they just don’t provide enough information flow for the modern business.


In order to maximize your firm’s communication, and therefore profit, an investment needs to be made into an intranet.


An intranet is a software that links all of the computers at a given firm together.  Think of it like the internet, only instead of world-wide, it’s only within your firm.  This software is extremely powerful because it allows your employees and managers to interact in real time while working on the same goal, with every communication displayed visually right along side the project.  Additionally, a good intranet can log everything in its database so employees and managers can search your firm for specific information and projects from any work computer.


One big issue that firms run into with intranet implementation is that they simply don’t know where to start.  A lot of executives wonder which intranet software is right for their company. Statistically, the answer that question is almost certainly Microsoft SharePoint.  Here are 5 reasons your firm needs a SharePoint intranet system.


1. It was developed by Microsoft

Microsoft is perhaps the most well-known technology company in the world, and for good reason.  They consistently launch reliable, high-quality products that make business infinitely more efficient.  This is illustrated in the fact that over 80% of businesses use Microsoft products.  This indicates a level of reliability and featurability that is completely unmatched.  SharePoint enjoys this same reputation.


2. It’s completely customizable

As a manager or business owner you know that your brand is part of what unites your firm.  Utilizing your brand in your communications is an extremely effective way to convey a sense of teamwork and community.  With Microsoft SharePoint, you can customize your intranet to match any kind of brand and feel you want.


3. It’s scalable

One of your main goals as a manager or owner is to ensure that your business’s size remains healthy for coming market conditions, economic events, or organizational targets.  Whether you need to cut-back in order to prevent organizational inefficiency, or grow explosively to meet growing demand, Microsoft SharePoint can be easily scaled up or down accordingly to keep your intranet at the ideal size.


4. It’s designed to work perfectly with Office 365

Over half of all businesses use Office 365.  With industry workhorses such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in its arsenal, it should be obvious that businesses all over the world would be willing to pay the monthly subscription fee for this software.  This is another reason why SharePoint is your best option for your firm’s intranet. With seamless integrations across all of Office 365, you’re sure to maximize efficiency when it comes to communicating about any given project.


5. It’s affordable. Like, really affordable

Microsoft SharePoint offers a number of different pricing plans to suit your firm’s exact needs.  Already have Office 365? Go for either Plan 1 ($5 per user per month, 1 TB of storage) or Plan 2 ($10 per user per month, unlimited storage).  If you’re looking to get Office 365 for your firm, spring for the Enterprise E3 plan, which includes all of the fix-ins of Office along with all of the benefits of SharePoint Plan 2.  It costs $20 per user per month with an annual commitment, which represents a huge return on investment when you factor in the amount of time and stress that you’ll save once it’s implemented.


For any questions you might have about how SharePoint can help your business communicate, just give us a shout!  ZAACT is a certified Microsoft partner, which means we have all of the expertise and resources needed to get you going with SharePoint.  In fact, we offer initial consultations that are 100% free.  For more information about SharePoint Intranet services, be sure to check out our designated intranet page as well.


With ZAACT, all of your Microsoft-related needs will be resolved quickly and effectively, so you can get back to doing what you do best: running your business.


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